How to tie the Bunny Trap Midge

The Bunny Trap Midge is a dry/emerger that takes different elements from a few of our favorite midge patterns. It floats like a cork, it's easy to see, even in small sizes, and best of all, trout go crazy for it! If you live out West, we dare you to find a better fly for the Buffalo Midges. This is the perfect fly to start learning how to tie small dry flies with. Don't be afraid to tie/fish these in sizes as big as 16's. We do offer a complete fly tying kit that includes everything you need to tie this pattern. 

Hook- Patriot Dry Fly Hook(Perfection Dry Fly Hook shown)

Thread- Black

Underbody Flash- Small Pearl Tinsel

Shuck- Patriot 2mm Fly Foam, Oyster/Cream(we have tried black, white, and gray, none work as well as this color)

Body- Thread and Black CDC

Wing- Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Fur, Dun Color

Thorax- Patriot's Super Micro Dry Fly Dubbing, Black

1. Start your thread just behind the halfway point on the hook shank

2. Tie in the small Pearl Tinsel as you would tie in a tail on any other fly. Tie it all the way back and slightly into the hook bend so it points downwards. Return your thread to the flat part of the hook shank

3. Take the shuck foam(already sized perfectly if you bought it from us. If not, cut a strip that's about as wide as the hook gap) and tie it onto the shank. You want to tie in a length that covers about 2/3rds of the hook shank. With tension on the thread, you'll want to compress all of the foam on the shank, but don't build up too much bulk

4. Using your thread, create a dubbing loop that is about 2 inches long. It will help you in the next step if you slightly wax the loop. 

5. Take one black CDC feather and pull out the barbs to 90 degrees. You don't need much and it's easy to over-do it, so shorter feathers work best. Slide 1/2 of the feather into the loop. If you used wax you won't have to worry about it slipping. Pull the loop closed and gently cut along the feather stem, leaving you with the barbs only. Save the other half of the feather for your next fly

6. Spin the dubbing loop t0 create a rope made of CDC barbs. It's going to look messy and you may be tempted to trim the barbs- Don't

7. Wrap the CDC rope up the body, covering the thread base over the foam. Tie off the loop and cut away the excess. 

8. Take the Snowshoe Rabbit and cut off a chunk that's about a hook gap in width. If you bought the fly tying kit from us, we have provided you with the right selection of hair and all of it is good. If you didn't buy it from us, you will want a chunk of hair from the middle section of the rear foot(not from in between the toes like you use on most dry flies). You want a 50/50 mix of the under fur and the curly guard hairs. You will almost certainly have too much under fur, so pull a bit of it out so the chunk looks "evenly thick" on both sides.

9. Lay the clump of hair across, or perpendicular to the hook shank. Tie it in on the middle of the remaining bare hook shank using "x wraps" like you use to create spinner wings. 2-3 wraps over both sides is plenty

10. With your thread in between the hook shank and the hair wing, make turns around the base of the wing like you would to create a parachute post. Again, keep the turns to a minimum- All you're trying to do is stand the hair up a bit

11. Take the smallest pinch of black dry fly dubbing and create a 1 inch long noodle on the thread. Keep the dubbing twisted very tight. Making alternate wraps both in front of and behind the hair wing, build up a thorax that's the same thickness as the main body. End with your thread right behind the eye of the hook. Do a 4-turn whip finish and cut off your thread.

12. Now we're going to trim the foam shuck. Cut off the excess foam, leaving you with a shuck that's a bit longer than the width of the hook gap. If you want to leave it longer it will be fine, but you don't want to go much shorter

13. Trim the square corners off of the foam to give it a "rounded" look. Don't shoot for perfection, the fish do not care

14. The last step is to tidy up the CDC body. Slightly wet your fingers and pull all of the CDC down under the body of the fly. Now trim the long barbs so they're about even with the hook point

Now your bunny trap midge is done! I carry this fly in all sizes from 16-20. It is a super easy fly to tie and you can fill up your box fast. Enjoy!