4/15/19 All about Tungsten Beads, Fishing Log

Hello everyone! Our new beads are finally in stock and ready to ship out. After our blog post a couple of weeks ago answering some customer questions we got a whole new list of questions and great feedback. We will be getting to those in the coming days, but one that was asked more than a few times is "what are the differences in all of the tungsten beads on the market?" The fly tying world has been saturated with numerous fly-by-night companies as well as all of the big boys selling tungsten beads, and since they're all "tungsten", they're the same, right? Nope, not even close! Though most of our beads come from a similar region on the globe, they vary greatly in quality and price. I have been asked more times than I can count in the last several years about tungsten beads and why their prices are so much higher than brass beads. The biggest differences are that tungsten requires a much more in depth manufacturing process, the raw materials are more expensive, and the final product is usually heavier than brass. I say usually because there are more than a few(dozens) companies selling cheap Chinese "tungsten" beads on the market and what they fail to tell you is that the tungsten content in these beads can be less than half of what it is in quality beads, making them weigh much less. This means that you'd be better off going with some good quality(Hareline, Rivers Wild) brass beads and some high density lead as opposed to spending more money on a product that weighs the same or less and the finish is, for lack of a better term, crap. These beads are not only lighter, but the final product has rough edges and casting marks and the plated finish will tarnish and fade after a use or two. I'm not going to name any companies specifically, but you'll find these all over the internet and sadly, in your local shops. We use tungsten beads for one reason; a lot more weight in a smaller package. So why would you spend money on something that doesn't solve your problem? When we decided to get into the expensive world of quality beads, we made one rule- We will not sacrifice anything to save a buck. We went through 3 different tungsten manufacturers(not companies who sold beads wholesale, but ones who actually PRODUCE them), paid them to make samples for us, and then we decided on the best one. We told them what tungsten content we wanted to get the most weight out of the smallest sizes, but they had to be strong too. If the tungsten content is too high, the beads will be brittle(there are 2 big companies doing this and the beads will shatter like glass when they hit something hard, like a rock or concrete floor). If they use recycled tungsten(again, most do, but it only saves a few pennies), the end product won't weigh as much. As silly as it sounds, we are very proud of our new beads and we know without a doubt that there really isn't anything better on the market, even for twice the money. If you're skeptical, buy a bag of 25. We know you'll be back for more!

We have been fishing the Middle a lot in the last week and it keeps fishing better and better. We caught the first BIG Mother's Day Caddis Hatch and it was absolutely epic! Obviously fishing caddis dries has been good(we are using a sz. 16 Corn Fed and it's been the ticket), but we have had 20+ fish/ hour swinging a caddis emerger(X Caddis has been the best for us) and trailing our tan BH caddis in size 16 behind it. When the caddis have been down and the fish aren't moving much, we have been fishing the 20 Incher Stonefly on point with a tan BH Caddis on the dropper and it's been killing it. We will be out in the rain later this week and I'll let you know how it goes.

One last thing, our lessons have been going great and we are starting to book more and more people. We are trying to get our booking schedule online for everyone to see, but it's being testy, so if you want to book a time, shoot us an email.