4/16/19 New Fly Kits Coming

Hi guys, we have had lots of questions lately about our fly kits and they have been selling great too. One question that has come up a few times is about Euro Nymphing Fly Kits. When we are out on the Provo, the majority of our time is spent Euro Nymphing and we are constantly writing about it on here, so it would make sense to provide our customers with something like that and technically we already do! Our River Nymph Kits are essentially the exact flies we personally use and teach with, but there are a few different flies that aren't included in the kit only because they aren't flies that are very well known. You can use any type of nymph for any type of nymphing, it's just that competition-style nymphs have been equated with Euro Nymphing. That said, we have been contacted by folks outside of UT who fish in waters that only allow barbless hooks and we want to accommodate them. We will be releasing a kit shortly that could be considered "Euro Nymph specific" or "competition-style", meaning all of the flies will be on jig and/or barbless competition hooks. If you don't use barbless hooks yet, we will have a blog post coming up that will tell you all about them. This kit will have a bit higher price tag as opposed to our other kits because barbless hooks do cost us more and the flies can be more involved(especially things like Perdigons).We are still working out the details on these kits, so check back often for more info.