Hi everyone, I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know about a few things that are going on the midst of the Coronavirus madness;

USPS has notified all of their business account holders that almost 25% of their staff is now out of work. This means that shipping times(that have not been guaranteed since the beginning of this year) are going to go up in certain areas. We have always used USPS because most of our shipments are smaller, allowing us to take advantage of First Class and Priority Mail rates. It saves both of us money, and the orders (usually) arrive in 2-4 days. While this certainly doesn't mean that your mail won't be delivered, it does mean that it may take another day or so to arrive. I hate waiting on packages just as much as anyone, and with all international shipments almost coming to a stand-still, it severely hurts us. Luckily we are in a position to keep lots of inventory on hand, and most of the time everything will be in stock. 

The other side to all of this is that just like you may be right now, many folks are at home by no choice of their own. This is a great time to think about fishing and getting your stuff ready for the water, including tying flies. The negatives of this situation have been a net-positive for us- we're slammed! We are fulfilling multiple orders a day and we couldn't be more grateful to all of you for your support. On the average day right now, we are selling hundreds of flies and multiple kits. That being said, just like we do in the busiest of Summer months, we have to manage expectations. So here it is;

- All hooks, beads, and tying materials(basically anything besides flies) will ship the same day or the next day after ordering.

- Flies(over 2 dozen specifically, if you order 2-4 flies or anything like that, they'll go out the next day) and fly kits will ship 24-48 hours after ordering. As anyone who has seen or used our flies can attest to, they are the nicest flies on the market and we pride ourselves on that. We simply refuse to ship junk or poorly tied flies to anyone, especially to save a few minutes or make a few bucks. If you need your flies by a certain date, call/text me, email us, or use the live messenger before ordering and we try to make arrangements to get them to you.  

- We don't like splitting up orders to ship things(i.e. if something is out of stock or if your order both flies and tying materials), so if you order an array of items, they will all ship together. 

- If you order one of our fly kits, there is a very slight chance that we might sub one or two fly patterns in the kit for another pattern. Our incoming product orders have also slowed down and sometimes we may not have the exact material we need for a certain pattern. This is very rare, but it may happen and we always want to be upfront with you guys. 

We have had a few people ask about our business and I thought this would be as good of time as any to go through the particulars with you again. We are a small company based out of Salt Lake City, UT.  Patriot Fly Fishing is an online-only company that I run out of the shop/office of my other business. As well as owning/operating Patriot FF, I write for fly fishing publications, and I teach fly fishing and fly tying. Like our name states, we believe in supporting US companies and we try to use domestic suppliers where we can. Our goal for this year is to bring 100% of our hook production into the USA. We will make, distribute, and sell our products from right here in UT. We have already placed the order for our first equipment and it should be up and running in the next 6 months. Because of the ridiculously high price of casting tungsten(and the EPA guidelines), we will keep our bead production overseas. The company who casts our tungsten does not make or distribute other fishing-related products. They do tungsten for commercial applications and make beads for one company-us. ALL of our flies are tied by me, no exceptions. Our tying materials are either made or sourced here in the US. We get asked all the time, "why don't you have more tying materials?", and while it's a fair question, the answer is blunt, maybe even brash- Because most of the materials we find are junk that we would NEVER attach our name to. We are always testing and looking for new products and we have about 40 to add to our site as soon as we have time. This includes everything from hair to hackle to synthetics. Being a small operation, we have to manage our time wisely, and right now we are simply too busy to catalog and add new items to the web(maybe I should hire someone else??). 

Again, we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your kind words, your attention to our brand, and especially for your support. As fellow anglers, we all need to support the sport and the domestic brands that keep it going, and as a Country, we need to be proud of the great things we stand for. If you're a person of faith, prayers do work in these crazy times and always remember to include those who need it most right now. If you're not, being a good person is more than enough and simple awareness and gestures are all important too. Everyone take care of yourselves and remember that we're all in the same boat on this one!