9/16/19 News, new flies and Kits coming!

 Hi everyone, we’re less than a week away from the Fall season, so what better time to announce that we are adding about 50 new flies to the lineup as well as Fall Fly Kits! We are taking pictures as I type and you’ll see them within a few days. 

We are also doing some much needed updating to the site, so things are going to be moved around a bit. We will be consolidating some fly collections so you can find flies quicker and easier.  We are adding quite a few new flies, everything from emergers to streamers as well as some new hooks and beads.

I have been contracted to write some new articles for a few FF publications, most of them are on Euro Nymphing.  Starting in November I will be staffed part time with a publication as their resident Euro Nymphing “guru”, so be sure to support me(and the magazines)! As soon as my first articles have hit the newsstands I will let you know where to find them. 

We have selected our first lucky people for our newsletter giveaways, so if you see an email from us, you’ve won something! We will be doing them from now on so be sure to sign up, it’s free and you don’t have to purchase anything.