Hi guys, I haven't had much time to post anything this week. Between work, tying, and fishing(lessons mainly) there has not been a lot of extra free time. We have, however, been working on building a new site that will be up and running shortly! Our new site incudes some awesome new resources, but to keep the "filler" to a minimum, we have combined quite a few things. For flies, the new categories will be pretty self-explanatory. Fly lines, leaders, and fly boxes will all be in the same collection and we have a bunch of new fly lines that we're bringing in(hopefully soon). We have a new collection called "Hot Flies", which will contain all of the flies that are on the current Hot Fly list. It will change often, but it will allow you to purchase the flies that are working for a better deal. Gone is the "Hot Fly" List, BUT we have combined it into the blog(which will now be called the Blog/Fishing Log). We will add to it every time we're out, telling you what we caught, which flies we used and how we fished them. I have kept a personal fishing log for a long time which allows me have a good idea of what will catch fish on future outings. Some other new features:

- ALL nymphs and dries will now be sold in packs of 6 and 12. 6 of any good fly is the absolute minimum you should carry and it's not cost-effective for us to sell any less. Everything we tie is done in dozens, so it makes life much easier. 

- The pricing for nymphs in each category(jig flies, BH nymphs, traditional nymphs, etc.) will be the same with only one or two exceptions. The prices will be $1-$2/ fly, which is still significantly less than any other shop and as anyone who has bought our flies will tell you, they look infinitely better and are tied to a much higher standard. Plus you're supporting local guys, not African sweatshops!

- Streamers will be sold in packs of 2 and 4

- We will be doing numerous fly kits and BYO fly kits

- We have well over 100 patterns to add to the lineup and if we sell it, we use it or have used them and know they work. 

So it will be really cool! We may launch it while we're working on it, but just know that it's coming.