A Great Story, Fishing Log & HOT FLIES 12/04/19

Over the last few years(especially since I "officially" entered to fly fishing retail market), I have had the chance to fish with countless people. It's always fun teaching people new techniques as well as learning from others, but for the first time ever, I got asked the inevitable question- "Do you ever get tired of fishing?" My short answer was "no", and I justified it using a few examples; I love Euro Nymphing, but after doing it all the time I sometimes have to switch it up to keep things exciting. I know with 100% certainty that if I take out my fly box full of EN-style flies and one of my 10ft rods, I will catch fish. After keeping a fishing log for so long I can take much of the guesswork out of the equation(and so can you by looking at our Hot Flies List) by looking at what worked this time last year. So to combat this I will only take my dry fly rod, or my streamer rod, or my...….. This conversation went on much like this for a while, and then end result was that I don't ever not get excited to go fishing, nor do I ever really get tired of it. The other part of the equation is that I am a relatively young guy with the body of an older man. I have ridden/raced bikes for years, I love all sorts of "dangerous" outdoor activities, and it's sadly taken its toll on my body. Not too long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my heel. I am terrible about wearing socks all the time when it starts to get cold, and living in the high-desert(and being outside every day) makes your skin ridiculously dry. I thought it was a cracked callus on my foot, so I rubbed lotion on it and went back to sleep. The next day, I went to put my shoes on and noticed that my left boot was uncomfortably tight. I looked down to find that my heel and ankle were both very swollen and there was a large black dot on the bottom of my foot. I touched it to see if it was a bruise or bite of some sort, but the dot was hard and all around it was tender. Like most guys do when they see something like this, I picked at it for a second, and suddenly it popped open and began to bleed. Long story short, when my heel was dry it started to crack. My sock got "stuck" inside this crack and throughout the day it started to heal, but the open wound held on to a piece of my sock. Once it fully closed up, the sock was there to stay and it caused an infection in my foot. I had the piece "cut" out and I'm now on antibiotics. With a pretty big wound on the bottom of my foot held together with super glue, excessive walking is out of the question, as I learned today while trying to fish. The point of all of this is that I probably won't have many updates to the Hot Fly List over the next few weeks, and I will miss fishing as much as many of you will miss having a cheat sheet to rely on. For this reason, I will lay out a few things and take some notes from my fishing log to pass on to you so you'll be successful on the water in the coming days. 

First off, the Fall algae-bloom is still pretty bad in both the Middle and Lower Provo. We didn't have enough cold weather in October or November to knock it out, so it is just starting to break up. This makes for some messy and tedious fishing, so think light on your weighted flies. NOTHING, including big junk flies that I am fishing right now has anything larger than a 2.3mm bead on it. If you buy flies from us, this would make 18's ideal. It would be nice to have heavier flies to get down in deeper runs, but as long as the fly is bouncing on the bottom it will look like Swamp Thing(if you didn't grow up in the 80's or 90's, you probably have no idea what that is) on almost every cast. If you insist on fishing larger flies, go with jig hooks or inverted hooks(DaiIchi 1730). 

Lighter streamers in brighter and/or louder colors have been great for us. I have been fishing a new color of a Double Bugger with great success. Of course, olive, black, and ginger streamers have been good too. If you're fishing the Provo, size 6 & 8 streamers have been the sweet spot. 

Nymphing has been productive after about 11am and continues to be good until 4-5pm. The Split Case Perdigon and our new Green Pearl Jig have been our top producers. I know I promised you guys that our new Leech pattern would be available to purchase soon, and I'm working on releasing it. It too has been great.

We are still picking up risers on Bunny Duns(grey, size 18-20) and Bunny Midges(20-24), but many of the fish are on the small side. I'm confident that if you carry nothing other than these two dries, you will be successful.

As always, if you're heading out and need any specific info on fly selection, don't hesitate to email or message us. Our new Live Messenger Service has been a big hit and we encourage anyone who needs help to use it.  When you send the message it goes directly to my phone like a text and I will answer you immediately. I hop everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving!