Fishing Log/ Fishing Report Provo River 4/18/2019

Hi guys,   I got out on the Provo(Lower and Middle) today and here is how it went; I started off on the Middle at about 7:30AM. This is a little earlier than we usually shoot for this time of year, but I wanted to see if there was any activity this early yet. The water was slightly stained and up a bit (200cfs according to generation schedule), so I think the fish were a little put off and possibly cold. By 9AM the water had settled in it's usual flows for this time of year(150cfs), but the fish were still sluggish. I had lost a few trying to feel for them as opposed to trusting my sighter. At about 10:30 I put on the Pink Squirmy on the point and our SMP(more on this soon) Fly as the dropper. Instantly things picked up. I caught a few fish in a matter of minutes and continued to have decent success. At about Noon I decided to take a break and see if I could wait for a few risers to start taking any of the millions(not exaggerating) of midges that were popping off. During this time some BWO's were coming off too. It was at about this time that I noticed I didn't have my wallet, but I remembered taking it out of my pocket at my truck to put in my sling. I kind of panicked when it was nowhere to be found, so I decided to make the trek back down to my truck to see if I dropped it or hopefully left it in there. Thankfully it was in my back seat, but I was 3/4 of a mile away from the river now and didn't want to walk back up. I ended up with 10 fish on the Middle Provo, which was decent. On the drive home, I noticed a stretch of the Lower Provo that nobody was in, so I decided to stop and make a few casts. I broke off in a matter of seconds on some debris, so I decided to tie on the easiest flies I had access to(on my drying patch), one our Cream Czech Nymphs and one of our new secret weapons, the Provo Pellet Fly(it's technically not new, but since we haven't released it....). The first cast I had a big(18") Brown chase down the Czech Nymph and crush it. 5 Minutes in, I had 2 fish. Ten minutes, 5 fish. And it continued like this for a bit. In about half an hour, most of my fish were now coming on the Provo Pellet, and since the water I was in was somewhat technical, I decided to take off the Czech Nymph all together. In about a 1/2 mile of water I ended up with 24 fish, only two of which were under 12". I caught the biggest Whitefish that I have caught on the Lower too, at 23". I'll put some pictures up soon too, though they don't do the fish justice(he looks big, but his girth is hard to determine in the pics). The Provo Pellet has been awesome to us since I came up with it, but today solidified it's place in my go-to fly box. I know I will be getting questions about it, so I will post it up on our Jig and Barbless Flies Collection as well as in the "Hot Flies" section. I did meet a few people out on the river today, one of which was new to Euro Nymphing, his name was Jason. I worked with Jason for about 20 minutes helping him fix his leader and tippet setup, I hooked him up with some decent flies, and I showed him a great spot to practice his new techniques. Within about 10 minutes, he was catching fish and had a whole new respect for Euro Nymphing. I love helping and teaching people how to do this(or fly fish in general) and I was just as excited as he was. If you're new to fly fishing and/or Euro Nymphing and need help, don't hesitate to contact us. Whether you just have a few questions or you want to take a lesson, we are more than happy to help. 

As I stated above, we have a few new flies to add to the "Hot Flies" Collection as well as putting them in our product lineup. Keep an eye out for them to be on within the next 12 hours. Thanks for stopping by!