Fishing Log/Report for April 13, 2019, Middle Provo River

Hi guys, I got out on the Middle Provo yesterday. It started off looking like a pretty Spring Day, but by about Noon the clouds had rolled in and the snow started to fall. I was one of two people out on the Midway stretch of the river, so I could pretty much fish anywhere I wanted. I had my dry fly rod with me just in case as well as my 10' Euro rig. I started off with a size 10 Rubber Legs Stonefly on the point and one of our size 16 Quill Body Jig Flies with the green hotspot. Within about 10 minutes I started catching fish. They were holding in the slack shallows that had access to fast water around them(behind rocks, logs, etc.) I think that with the clouds the fish weren't afraid to sit in this shallow water without direct access to cover. As the day progressed, even with the snow, I started fishing the faster riffles which were producing fish. There were a few midges coming off, but not many fish were rising to them. The whole day I fished with the same flies and they produced well. I ended up with 16 fish in 3 hours, between 14-18 inches and one close to 20". Overall it was a great day to be out. I like to keep a few yarn indicators in my sling for days like this when the wind picks up. I simply attach it right above my tippet ring and it keeps my sighter from blowing around too much. When the wind dies, I take it off. I don't use it for strike detection unless the water is deeper, it's just there to keep my sighter from being at the winds mercy. The Rubber Legs Stonefly has been my best producing fly for the last few weeks, mainly in the size 10. Before that our 20 Incher Stonefly Jig was probably the best, but I switched to the Rubber Legs to try something new. Our Quill Body Jig fly with the red and green hotspot has always been one of my best late Summer flies, but the green seemed to be great today and a couple of days last week too.  There was one day last week when I was out for 2 hours without so much as a bite, but when I put on the Green Quill Body it was like a switch went off- I ended up with 20 fish, 16 of which came on this fly. If you're not yet convinced of Jig Flies, we offer the Quill Body Flies on a standard nymph hook as well with a tungsten bead. You don't have to fish with a Euro Rig to use these flies, they are just as effective under a regular indicator. Something that I should add, I always use Fluorocarbon tippet(4x to the dropper, 5x to the point). Since I am not a competitive angler, I don't constantly change the length of my tippet. I start with 5ft or so to the dropper and add 2ft for the point fly. Some folks might say this is wrong, but I have no problem catching fish this way. If you're just starting out and don't understand any of this, give us a shout and we will be happy to help you set up your rig. One question that I get all the time is, "do I need a 10' rod for Euro Nymphing?". No. No no no no. Does it help to have that extra foot of reach? Absolutely, but you can do pretty much everything we do with a 9' rod. If you're local(N. UT) and fish the Provo and want to go out with us sometime, email us. We can help you get started with the Euro Nymphing. We aren't guides, nor do we want to be guides, so we won't bring you lunch, carry your rods, or provide you with gear(unless you want to try a 10' rod, we have more than a few), but we're happy to meet you at the Provo and show you how to catch fish with this method. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back often and follow us on Instagram!