Guide Fly Sale Starts Tonight @ 10Pm

Hi guys, we will be starting our Guide Fly Sale tonight @ 10pm! What is the Guide Fly Sale, you ask? It’s pretty simple; We tie up a bunch of flies every year to sell to our Guide friends as well as some for our personal Guide trips. These consist of everything from streamers to dry flies. Whatever we don’t use or sell by the time preseason is over is inventory that we don’t want to be sitting on, so it’s time for it to go(at insane prices, btw). A few things to keep in mind; These are “Guide-style” flies. Some(meaning a few) may not be as pretty as the flies we sell every day, however, they are easily as effective and durable. They are all tied on our hooks or DaiIchi or Tiemco hooks. Colors may be limited, but all are exactly what we and our friends catch fish on. We may have a few dozen of some, but others we might only have a few of. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We have set a $12 minimum order limit because  it costs us at least $3 to ship them and to put it simply, we’re not exactly making money on these flies. Look for any items on the Hot Flies Page that have the words, “Guide Fly Sale”.