HOT FLIES 1/1/2020, News for the New Year!

Hi everyone, let me start off by saying thanks to all of our great customers who took advantage of our Holiday Sales and everyone who supported us in 2019.  Though our fiscal year "technically" isn't over(April 17th is our anniversary), 2019 was an absolute shocking year for us. It was our first full year of our new website that we opened up to the public and our expectations and marketing budget were almost non-existent. We set a few small goals, advertised for as little money as possible, and the payoff was insane. We quadrupled our projected number of retail sales(we do sell to some shops), our Newsletter Subscribers are well into the triple-digits, and best of all, we have gotten to meet, fish with, and teach many of you and we're proud to call you our friends. For 2020, we have lots of new things to come; We are going to sell some products from a few of the big-name fly fishing companies, we are going to concentrate on making more video content, and we have quite a few of our own new products to roll out, so please be sure to check back often. We are making a list of some new products to bring in and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Though the weather has been pretty bad as of late, we have tried to get out on the water some and we have had good success. The water temps have hit their Winter lows and it's not going to get any better, so if you're planning on going out, sleep in a couple hours later and give the fish time to warm up. 

Nymphs- Green Pearl Jig(16 and 18), Rubber Legs(10 and 12), Utah Killer Bug(10), Neapolitan Perdigon(16), SMP Midge(18, black and cream have both been good)

Streamers- Mini Double Bugger(olive and black), CH Wooly Scuplin(4, tan/ginger has been our best color), Circus Peanut(black on snowy or cloudy days)

Dries- Though we haven't done too much dry fly fishing, we have picked up a few fish when they're rising. Our best flies have been small midge patterns like the Loop Wing Emerger(18-22), the GS Midge(20), and the Sprout Midge Emerger(20-22).