Hi everyone, we have been out fishing the Lower and Middle Provo over the last few days. The fishing has been good(yesterday the Lower was great early in the morning, surprisingly) and pretty consistent. The late algae bloom in both river makes fishing anything oversized a challenge, so we have been fishing smaller flies to keep them off the bottom. Here is the HOT FLY LIST-

Nymphs- Split-Case Perdigon, yellow case(sz.18 & 20), Red Quill Perdigon(sz.18), American Pheasant tail(no weight, on the dropper tag, sz.16 & 18)

Dries- Lots of hatches are still coming off, so be sure to take some dries. Parachute BWO(sz.22) for the Micro Baetis, Parachute Adams(sz.18-22, cream color) for PMD's, X-Caddis(sz. 12-16, orange) for the October Caddis that's still coming off, Loop Wing and GS Midge(sz. 18-22). We have done quite a bit of dry fly fishing and on any given day one or more of these patterns has caught a lot of fish for us.

Streamers- Buggers(sz.6-8) in olive and black, Our Super Natural Bunny Leech has killed it, especially on the Lower over the last week. We're doing some streamer-specific fishing next week, so check back for our picks. 

We are working on bringing in some new fly-tying materials as well as some news flies, hooks, and beads, so be sure to check back over the next couple of weeks. We will be having a massive Black Friday-style sale coming up as well, so keep an eye out for more info!