HOT FLIES 11/15-25

Hi everyone, I haven't had much time to add anything lately. Between working and finishing up Fall lessons, we have been extremely busy. The fishing on the Provo is still exceptional and we are doing great with nymphs, streamers, and dries. 

NYMPHS- Squirmy Blood Red, Mops, Split-Case Perdigons(16, 18). We have a new nymph that we will be releasing tonight that has probably out-fished everything, so check back for details. 

Streamers- Muddler Minnows(6, 8), Euro Leech, We also have a new leech pattern that's about to be released.

Dries- Griffith's Gnat(18), Snowshoe Emerger(18), Bunny Dun(18,20), Bunny Midge(20). The Bunny Dun and Bunny Midge have been our two best producers. We haven't caught very many big fish on dries, but they are still taking them nonetheless.