HOT FLIES 11/5/2019 & Fishing Log

Hi everyone, I hope you're all getting to enjoy this great Fall fishing that's upon us! We have been getting out a few times a week still, and the fishing is nothing short of amazing. We are starting to see more and more fish move onto their Redds, and the big boys and girls are out in full-force. Based on the Middle Provo Electro-sampling and what I have seen in the last couple of weeks, the river is as healthy as I've ever seen it. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to sneak up on the bedding fish and get a peek at them before they spot me. Today I saw something that I have never seen on the Provo; Coming up on the Cottonwood stretch, I noticed a BIG shadow moving across a Redd. I thought for a minute it had to be a stick or debris floating in the water, but it suddenly turned and shot towards the bank, right where I was crouched down. I got a great look at it, but when I went for my camera he saw me move. This fish was 30" long, no joke! No fishing tales here, I have been fishing and on the water for 30 years of my life and I can pretty much tell you within an inch of how big a fish is. I have seen/caught some big fish out of the Provo, but nothing quite like this. I will be back out on Friday(with my streamer rod) and I will take time to try and get a few good pictures. Anyway, we had an awesome day(well over 50 fish, many of which were in the 17+" range) on the Middle and once we found flies they wanted, it was lights-out. There were some baetis' hatching as well as plenty of midges, and we were even lucky enough to fool  few risers at the end of the day. Here's our Hot Flies for this week so far;

Nymphs- Split-Case Perdigon(18), Hotspot Jig(green, 16), Mop(cream). Split-Case was our best for sure, but the Mop was right behind it all day. The Hotspot Jig was consistent and it was definitely worth having.

Dries- Griffith's Gnat(18), Parachute BWO(18-20), GS Midge Emerger(22)