HOT FLIES 12/10/19, News

I know I said that I would be laid up for a couple of weeks with my foot, but I was going crazy! So, being stubborn and trying to prove something to myself, I wrapped my foot up really well and took off to the river on the coldest day of the week! I figured the wind would be coming up, so I decided to just take my streamer rod and see if I could move any fish. I was afraid that streamer season for us has come and gone, but I was wrong! Most of the big males have moved off the Redd's and are starting to look for Winter lies, so I targeted most small and deep pockets with good running access to cover  and moving water(basically every hole over 1ft deep in the Provo has all of this, which makes them goof spots to target). With a downstream approach(stripping upstream) and a slow retrieve, I found it to be pretty easy to pick up fish. I tried multiple streamers and had success with 3 different ones; The Conehead Muddler(sz.6), Tan/Ginger CH Wooly Scuplin(sz.4 or 6, the fish didn't care), and the Fish Skull Bugger in tan and cream(sz.4). The fish were chasing before they hit, so if I had a bigger rod with me and larger streamers, it probably would have been a great day to chuck big meat on the Provo. If you have a 5 or 6wt rod with a floating line, any of these streamers are easy to use. We often get asked about what leaders to use for streamers like this, I simply use a 4ft piece of 15lb Maxima tied to a 4ft piece of 10 or 12lb(it doesn't really matter) Suffix Fluoro and attach the fly with a non-slip Loop knot. If you don't want to buy both spools of these, we sell pre-made streamer leaders for $2.50, or if you buy $20 of streamers we will include one at no charge.

Because Christmas is right around the corner and I'm getting ready to do the family thing, I will probably only have a day or two between now and then to get out.

We have had lots of people ask about Fall/Winter Lessons, and yes, we do them. I will say that if you're interested in doing a lesson right now with us, you have to be willing to be a bit cold and you're probably going to be walking in the snow, but it's still a super fun time to get out! There are some awesome spots to target big fish on the Provo even when it's cold. Just to remind anyone who's interested in lessons; We aren't guides, and we don't want to be guides. We don't provide you with clothing, waders, or boots, but we can furnish you with a specific rod setup if need be. We provide all of the flies, leaders, and tippet that you'll use. Everyone who does a lesson takes home a box of flies tied by us. We will teach you everything from basic casting to how to land fish(yes, you'll catch fish!) and you will get to see some of our favorite fishing spots. If you're interested in doing a lesson, email us and  we will get right back to you!