June 20, 2019 Latest News

Hi guys, I apologize for not putting up any content recently, we have been busy teaching, fishing, and fulfilling orders. Our business has really picked up over the last couple of weeks because everyone is gearing up for the "real" beginning of our Summer Fishing Season! We have some new exciting things to add to the Hot Flies page this evening so keep an eye out for that.

The new Hot Deals page has been a huge hit over the last week and folks are really taking advantage of it. We will be switching out the products that are on there today or tomorrow so if there's something you want, pick it up before the price goes back up!

We have been fishing a lot of our mountain streams lately(we live in such an amazing place and most fly fisherman don't even touch these streams) with great success and it will have some effect on the Hot Flies list, but we will be sure to distinguish between what's been good on the Provo and what's working for us there.

We will be getting a bunch of new hook styles added to the site in the coming weeks, so if you're looking for something in particular, let us know.

Dry Fly Season has kicked off on the Provo and we've been out a few times throwing bigger flies(EHC's, bigger Parachutes, and even Stimulators have caught a few fish) which has put some fish in the net and I guess other people are doing the same because dry fly sales have really picked up. We will more than likely stop taking orders on dry flies for a few weeks if the sales keep going up to make sure we don't get behind, so if you need them, pick them up now! We will have a few of them on the Hot Deals page too.

The next few days are going to be super busy, so if you don't see any updates from us, we're still alive and we'll catch you up on everything ASAP. The water is still kicking on the Provo(and everywhere else), so if you get out please be careful!