Latest News 2/27/20(shipping rates, wholesale sales, etc.)

Hi everyone, I haven't written much lately because we have been busy getting orders processed. My recent article in Fly Tyer Magazine has brought in lots of new business and inquiries, and we are very excited to have both! Here's the latest news;

We have been getting numerous questions about fly tying instructional media, and we are in the process of creating more as we can. Soon we will have tutorials, videos, and even(possibly) an online fly tying school. The logistics are still being worked out.

Quite a few shops have contacted us about buying flies and other products wholesale, and we wanted to let everyone who's interested know about it- Yes, we do sell to some shops and we are happy to take on a few more. That said, we love and appreciate our loyal customers and they are always going to take first place for us. If you are interested in selling our flies, contact us and we can give you a breakdown. 

As anyone who has been to the Post Office lately, shipping rates just went up significantly. For a business such as ours that ships dozens of small packages daily, it hurts! To combat this, we have decided to do 2 things. First, standard shipping has gone up 50 cents to $2.50. We hate to do it, but even our average order costs about $4 to ship. Second, we have started offering free shipping on all orders over $50. This gives both you, the customer, and us a better deal. 

Finally, our FTM Perdigon Sale has been insane and we are humbled by the support you have given us! Thanks to everyone who has participated in it. The sale is going to end on March 1st, so if you want anything be sure to grab it before the price goes up!