Memorial Day Sale and Discount Code

Hi guys, we wanted to have a sale for Memorial Day, but I was busy doing family stuff and completely forgot to create a discount code, so we are going to run a sale through tomorrow(4/28/19) until 5:00PM. The discount code is MD19 and it will give you 15% off of all orders over $20. If you're a Veteran, current Military, or a member of any uniform services(police, fire, ems), we offer discounts to you all of the time. Send us an email and we will send you our discount code to use on all purchases. We are all forever in debt to those who have served our Country and protected us and we honor all of you on this day. Be a Patriot, thank a vet today. If you see one pumping gas or in the grocery store, pay for his gas or groceries. These men and women thanklessly go to work every day for insultingly low wages, so we need to take care of them. Happy Memorial Day!