Merry Christmas and a Happy End to Streamer Season!

Hi guys, I wanted to take a minute out of my busy(not really) day to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! I absolutely love Christmas because it's a great time to be with friends & family, the Utah weather has been picture-perfect(snowing) for the last few of them, and my December 25th ritual of sneaking off to the river for one last day of "real" streamer fishing in solitude was successful! I got out for a bit this morning and the fish were loving every minute of the snow storm. When there are clouds in the sky and the light is low, even the most sluggish of winter trout come out to chase. If you haven't done much Winter streamer fishing, it's pretty easy- Slow down, cast directly across the river, let your fly swing with the current, and when it gets below you, strip back up stream. Usually you can't go wrong with dark(black and olive) streamers when it's like this, but today I had success with the tan/ginger colored-flies. If you have any interest in trying this technique out and have questions, feel free to email me anytime and I'll help you out. I hope Santa brought all of you exactly what you wanted this year and enjoy the rest of your Holiday!