NEW Euro Streamers Now Available

Hi everyone, we are excited to finally announce that our new Euro Streamers are available to purchase! If you've read our blog before then you already know that we love throwing streamers because big fish eat bigger prey. You also know that the majority of our time is spent Euro Nymphing because it's extremely effective and constantly exciting. If you want to throw traditional streamers, there isn't a much worse setup than a Euro Rig, so your options were again limited- and those aren't much more than scaled-up Nymphs. We wanted a true articulated streamer that would be able to sink fast enough to be effective, but small enough so that you could comfortably fish it on a Euro fly line and 3-4X tippet. We couldn't be any more excited to release this new fly and after seeing how well it's done for us, we know you'll love it too. We also just put out our new articulated Sleeper Leech and Skinny Squirmy, both of which have been killing it on the Provo for us over the last few weeks. All of them can be found on our "Barbless and Jig Flies" Page.