New Flies Being Released!

Hi guys,  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and we want to give a very special thanks to all of you that took advantage of our sale. We have had a few more questions that have been asked by numerous people, so before we get to the latest exciting news, I wanted to address them. Here goes....

Can you tie ….(enter any fly name here) for me? Sure, we're always happy to take special orders. The best thing to do is email us with what you're looking for.

Are you going to add any other flies to your selection? Absolutely. We have almost 100 patterns that we will be adding to our selection as soon as we can. We started this whole thing because we love teaching, tying, and fishing and there is a demand for high quality hooks, beads, and flies(the market is flooded with junk and though our prices may seem higher than some out there, we stand behind our products 110% and they ARE better, period), but we never expected it to explode like this. Maybe it's advertising, maybe it's word-of-mouth, but we are absolutely humbled by our support and customer base thus far. All that said, we are still just two young guys with day jobs and family(one of us anyway) lives, so every spare second is being put back into this, and it's a lot! We are trying to get better at adding to and maintaining our website, so bare with us.

Why don't you sell fly patterns by..(enter fly pattern inventors name here)? For lots of reasons. There is a well known rule amongst fly tying geeks; If it's not your pattern, give credit to the inventor and if you're going to sell it, try to get their blessing. I have lots of people asking me to tie Kelly Galloup's Streamers, but Kelly has only given me his blessing to sell the Twisted Dungeon. Heck, he told me to name it myself, but I only came up with 10% of it and everyone knows what a Galloup's……. is.  We have all tied an "original" pattern that we later think someone ripped off from us, but with everyone using basically the same materials, it's bound to happen. In my day job I deal with my intellectual property being ripped off all the time, but what's not patented is more or less fair game and I don't mind as long as I am given the literary credit for it. With flies is different because if you change one material, it's not the same. We may call them the same so customers know what they are, but it's slightly different. We all have the same goal(catch fish) and some of us share "secrets" openly, but I'm not willing to outwardly take money from someone(meaning if their pattern is being sold commercially) without talking to them first. 

Okay so now my conscience is clean, let's get on to the good stuff! We have been fishing lots of junk flies lately, especially with the water being high and off-color. The big browns are coming out to feast on anything they can fit in their mouths, which means big junk flies and streamers are tearing it up. The problem? I want to only take one rod and that's going to be my Euro Rig.  There are a few "Euro Streamers" out there, but what about those of us who want to jig bigger streamers on a 10ft rod? They're either not heavy enough to get down or too heavy to manage on a 3-4wt rod. Not anymore! We have finally gotten our first production run of new "Euro Streamer" Hooks and they are killer. We started with a ring-eye Bonefish hook, scaled it down, lost the barb, bent it how we wanted and finished them with a low gloss nickel coating. You can tie "smaller" articulated streamers with a 4.6mm bead and a few wraps of lead on these hooks and they will drop like stones. We have been fishing a few new patterns on them with great success, one is something we're calling the "Sleeper Leech". This thing has been tearing it up for us, all day, every day. The hooks and the flies will be for sale very soon(if not tonight, tomorrow). 

We have also been fooling around with a new worm pattern. Obviously this is great Squirmy Wormy weather, but this thing is scaled down, moves twice as much, and we've yet to catch a small fish on it! Again, we will have this one up on the site for sale soon. 

We are working on a few new flies and we are about to get our first production runs of some other new hooks, so be sure to check back with us soon!