New Info on Orders, Shipments, Etc.

Hi guys, I haven't put much new info on the site lately, so I figured that I would give you a quick update and I have some other news to announce; We are filling orders like crazy right now, whether it's from the website or from our retail customers(we do not have a public shop, but we do sell to some shops in the US). Everyone is getting geared up for the season and/or they're not back to work yet and they're able to enjoy some time on the water or at the bench. These factors have collided into the "perfect storm" and this has been the best few months we've ever had, period. Sure, we're always swamped this time of year, but it has been especially insane this season. All of this is going on at the same time that we are doing inventory and getting settled into our new, larger "warehouse" space, which has kept me in and out of the shop for a few weeks(and for the next few as well). For these reasons, we are making some new ordering guidelines, here they are:

- Shipping rates through USPS have gone up again. In the past, we have always eaten half of the shipping cost on orders under $50 and we offered free shipping on orders over $50. We are now doing a flat $5 shipping on all orders under $100, and all orders over $100 will ship free. As much as we hate doing this, we are literally losing money on orders under $20 at this point, and to stay in business and profitable it has to happen.

Shipping times have increased. You would think that if shipping rates through USPS were going up that they would still offer better/faster service- They aren't. Due to the Coronavirus madness, they are short on employees. Since March USPS has stopped giving a guarantee on ALL First Class and Priority shipping times. It used to be 2-3 days, it's now 5-10 days. Last week we sent a package 25 miles down the road and it took 6 days!! To try and speed up the process, we are now driving packages to the main USPS facility in Salt Lake City(30 minutes each way), but even they are extremely short on workers. We are doing everything we possibly can to expedite things on our end, but patience and understanding is a must right now. If you need something faster, please email us before ordering. 

All hooks, beads, and materials ship the same or next day. Monday-Friday(I teach on the weekends and we don't ship on Saturdays). Everything except flies is pretty much ready to ship and we can get it in the mail almost immediately. If you order flies as well, please read the next guideline.

Fly orders more than likely will not ship for 48 hours after submitting the order(if you order less than a dozen flies it will probably ship the next day). If there's one thing that we won't do, it is ship you junk. 100% of our flies are tied right here at my bench and they will be perfect, but this takes time. We try to have multiple dozens of every fly we sell on hand at all times, but this is literally impossible this time of year. On a slow day we sell 100+ flies online alone, not to mention what our shops need. We always put our direct customers before shop orders, because to be honest, you are more important! It is not always like this and 10 months out of the year we will ship flies the same or next day. We understand that some of you are going on a fishing trip and need the flies by a certain time, so we recommend that before ordering email, call or text me at 801-875-0452 to see if your deadline will work. We fulfil orders as they come in, and nobody gets to cut the line, but we will do absolutely everything to make it happen. 

The "Arrive App" does not work, therefore we do not use it. Every single day we are plagued with emails from folks that try to use the app and are unsuccessful- you are not alone. It is something that our webhosting service provides to us, but since it never updated and most of our customers couldn't get it to work, we stopped uploading shipping info into it. We are working on setting up a new service and in the near future all will be well, but for the time being rest assured, if you got a confirmation email, your order was processed and shipped.

Our fly boxes will all be back in stock very shortly. Everyone who has bought fly boxes from us knows that our boxes are awesome. The problem is that we couldn't get the ones we needed for a short time. Everything will be fixed in a week or so, but for now all fly kits come with a MFC Poly Box(these are great boxes, but about twice as expensive as ours). 

The final thing that we want to remind everyone of is that we are a very small company. Yes, I want this to keep growing and we will add more employees this season, but we also like being a specialized shop. We are a hook, bead, and materials company before everything else and that is where our main focus is for the future. We cannot thank all of you enough who have supported us and become great ambassadors for our brand. As always, I am 100% accessible through call, text, or email anytime, and I am more than happy to help you in any way I can. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me!