Hi everyone, I know that I haven't updated the blog in about a month, I apologize. My work schedule has been extremely hectic and even though I thought it would be pretty slow for us this time of year, it's been great! So here's a bit about what's going on with us;

Finally, we are about to drop a whole host of new fly tying products. We have been working with a couple of different companies to bring some new and exciting things to the market and we think you'll love them. First, our new line of dubbing will be available this week. All but a few of them are made right here in the US(the others come from Italy). We have the best new Micro-Fine Dry Fly Dubbing coming out which is insane. This stuff touch-dubs bodies better then anything I have ever used. It comes straight from the factory treated with floatant to make sure your fly stays on top. Something that's really cool is that the colors are perfectly matched to the naturals. I'm so sick of seeing 20 different "BWO" color dubbings and none of them are really right. Yes, the naturals vary a bit, but there is still one color that every other dubbing blend leaves out and it makes a difference. Our Sow Bug Dubbing is one that we have mixed on our own for years, but now we're having it mass-produced to sell to you. It is better than ANYTHING on the market, period. We have a new long cut Streamer Dubbing that is similar to Senyo's Laser Dub, but ours is a little longer and the color options are great. And our favorite of all, we now have a true Czech Nymph Dubbing that makes the best looking CN's out there. This stuff dubs on easy, it has a "gooey" translucent look when wet and the fish we tested it on seem to love it. We have one color that has been our favorite(Watery Olive) and it's been killing it for us. 

We also have other new natural any synthetic products that we're working on getting added to the site, so look for them soon!

Sadly, we haven't been fishing locally much lately, but with the nicer weather coming at the end of the week we will definitely be out and we'll let you know how it goes!