Hi guys, we have had a second to catch our breath, and we're finally ready to kick off our new sale! Because many people are working from home or not at all right now, it's a great time to get your fly boxes ready for the fishing season or to practice "social distancing" and tie some flies. 

You'll see a new icon under "products and gear" called Spring/SD Sale, here's the deals that will be available:

- Use discount code CORONA20 for 15% off your entire order of $25 or more, this will even apply to sale items!

- Hooks will be buy 100, get 25 free. You can only take advantage of this by purchasing hooks in qty's of 100, it doesn't apply to the 50/50 package deals.

- All leaders will be on sale, including some new leaders that we will now be stocking.

- We will have some select flies on sale, including most of our dry flies and streamers. Since streamers are pretty expensive(but as anyone who's seen ours know, they are MUCH nicer than anything else available), so this is a great time to stock up. 

- All dubbing will be buy 2 get one free. There will be a limited number of each type/color available, so pick it up while it's in stock.

- We will have many other items that we will add to the sale as it goes, so like always, check back often!