NEWS 8/16/2019

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I know I haven't posted anything in a while, I apologize. As some of you know, I had a family thing come up suddenly which required me to come back East for a few weeks. Though it's somewhat of a "serious" trip, I have been able to do some fishing with my brother at his new house on Lake Guntersville(it's one of the best Bass Fisheries in the world). I'll be back on the 21st and we will definitely be out on the Provo shortly after. Orders are still being fulfilled in my absence, but some things are shipping from me while I'm here so if you're out West it may take a few more days than it normally would. 

On a different note, we have finally gotten our first run of USA Made hooks and we're testing them right now. So far they seem to be awesome and we're excited to debut them to you all in the near future. We will be releasing some of our Fall Special Flies on them in the coming days.

Like I said before, we will soon begin releasing our Fall Special Flies. These are things that have been solid performers for us every year and so we're confident in sharing them with you. Because the Brown Trout are super aggressive this time of year, it is by far my favorite fishing and with the right flies your fish count will be as high as Summer and the quality of fish will undoubtedly be better. 

One last thing, lots of you who subscribe to our newsletter have been taking advantage of the discount codes provided to you. We encourage everyone to join our newsletter for giveaways and special offers. Next month we will be giving away one of our prototype reels to someone on our mailing list and trust me, you don't want to miss this. These reels are better than anything I've ever used at any price point. Once we have decided on all of the little details, we will be selling them as well, but why miss a chance to get a free one?!

Take care, guys, we'll see you next week!