News, June 26, 2019 News, HUGE Streamer Sale

Hi everyone, this week has been another crazy one! We are fulfilling orders and trying to work on the site and add some new products when we have time. There's a few things that we will be doing in the next day or so;

We have been working with a company to produce a few prototype fly reels(it's not necessarily the direction we're going, it's more for fun) and we just got the first samples today. These are all CNC construction, then the parts are shipped to us to assemble. We wanted to produce a nice, heavy(for balance on a EN fly rod), and extremely durable reel that is machined better and tighter than most of the stuff on the market and we want to be able to sell them at a good price point. So far we are thrilled with them and after we test them for a bit we will go from there. If you're interested in seeing them we will be putting pics up on Instagram.

Every year we have to sit down and tie a ton of streamers for the (very) few shops that we still provide flies to. Some of them are "samples" to send out, whereas others are ones that we tied extras of. We don't like having a bunch of them just sitting around, so we are going to add them to our Hot Deals page. We're talking about stupid deals on some great streamers. The best time to fish them is just a couple of months away, so get them before they're gone!