Complete River Fly Kit
Complete River Fly Kit
Complete River Fly Kit

Complete River Fly Kit

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Maybe you're just getting into fly fishing and your head spins at the thought of having to narrow down a selection of flies to carry, or maybe you've been fly fishing since Jesus was swinging cane and you need a simple selection of flies that will work on any river. Either way, our new Complete River Fly Kit covers all major food sources for trout with nymphs, emergers, dry flies, and streamers! There is absolutely everything you would ever need in this one box without a bunch of "filler" flies that won't do much except take up space. All flies are tied with tungsten beads. This kit contains(56 flies total, 2 of each pattern):

- Sz.16 BH Pheasant Tail

- Sz.14 Copper John

- Sz.14 BH Hare's Ear

- Sz.16 Rainbow Warrior

- Sz.16 Original Frenchie

- Sz.16 Tailwater Sowbug

- Sz.18 Split Case Emerger

- Sz.16 Thread Frenchie

- Sz.16 Radiation Baetis

- Sz.18 Zebra Midge, Black

- Sz.18 Zebra Midge, Red

- Sz.18 Disco Midge

- Sz.16 BH Caddis, Green

- Sz.16 BH Caddis, Tan

- Sz.12 Glo-Bug

- Sz.12 San Juan Worm, Red

- Sz.10 Rubber Legs Stonefly

- Sz.18 Snowshoe Rabbit Emerger

- Sz.20 Barr's Emerger, BWO

- Sz.20 Loop Wing Midge Emerger

- Sz.16 Elk Hair Caddis, Olive

- Sz.16 Parachute Adams

- Sz.18 Griffith's Gnat

- Sz.10 Chernobyl And w/ Dropper Loop

- Sz.10 Stimulator, Golden Stone

- Sz.6 BH Wooly Bugger, Olive

- Sz.8 BH Wooly Bugger, Black

- Sz.8 Cone Head Marabou Muddler, White

This kit comes with one of our Medium Waterproof Fly Boxes and our Nymphing Cheat Sheet. This kit contains THE ONLY flies you'll ever need to carry!