Dry/Dropper Complete Fly Kit

Dry/Dropper Complete Fly Kit

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We have officially kicked off dry fly season here in UT and through the Summer it will be great in the mornings and especially evenings. One of the most effective ways to catch picky trout is to cover 2 depths of water, i.e. using a dry/dropper rig. Whether you're searching for fish, trying to catch risers or swirling fish taking emergers, this technique is absolutely deadly! Our new Dry/Dropper Fly Kit covers all of the common insects found in every river(mayflies, stoneflies, caddis, and midges) and it has the dry flies plus nymphs/emergers. We have paired the sizes to match every scenario and to make sure that the dry fly can properly "float" the dropper fly. We offer this kit in the large and small size. The small kit comes with 2 of every fly, the large comes with 4. This kit contains:

Dry Flies

4- Parachute Adams sz. 14, grey

4- Parachute Adams sz. 16, grey

4- Parachute BWO sz. 18

4- Parachute BWO sz. 20

4- Elk Hair Caddis sz. 14, 2 olive, 2 caddis orange

4- Elk Hair Caddis sz. 16, 2 olive, 2 caddis orange

4- Sprout Midge sz. 20, black

4- Bunny Midge sz. 22, black

4- Stimulator sz. 10, golden stone

4- Little Black Stone sz. 16

2- Chernobyl Ant w/ dropper loop sz. 10

2- Morrish Hopper sz. 8

Dropper Flies(nymphs/emergers)

4- BH Pheasant Tail sz. 16

4- Pheasant Tail sz. 18

4- Barr's BWO Emerger sz. 18

4. Barr's BWO Emerger sz. 20

4- BH Caddis sz. 16, olive

4- BH Caddis sz. 18, olive

4- Black Beauty Midge sz. 20

4- Midge Larva sz. 22, red

4- Golden Stone Nymph sz. 12

4- Early Black Stone sz. 16

The large kit comes with one of our waterproof fly boxes. All Dry/Dropper Kits come with one of our Harvey Style Dry Fly Leaders(this is by far the easiest and best leader you'll ever use for dry fly fishing).