River Nymph Fly Kit

River Nymph Fly Kit

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If you do any long line, indicator, or dry/dropper nymphing, this is the fly kit for you. This kit has been perfected after a few years of fishing on the Provo River and we are 100% confident that you can take nothing more than this kit with you and have an extremely successful day on the water. All of these flies are tied using tungsten beads and our Patriot Hooks. All of the flies are glued, double-knotted, and proportionally perfect. Along with 70 flies, we include our Medium Fly Box and a cheat sheet that will tell you everything you need to do to catch fish with this kit. If you're a beginner, this kit will also tell you how to rig your leader with these flies and teach you where and when to fish certain flies. If you buy a fly kit from us, you get a discount code that will allow you to purchase all of your flies in the future for 10% off. 

Flies included in this Kit:

4- BH Pheasant Tail Nymph sz. 14

4- BH Pheasant Tail Nymph sz. 16

4- Original Frenchie w/ green hotspot sz. 16

4- Thread Frenchie sz. 14

4- Thread Frenchie sz. 16

4- Rainbow Warrior sz. 14

4- Rainbow Warrior sz. 16

4- Czech Caddis sz. 12

4- Patriot BH Caddis Green sz. 14

4- Patriot BH Caddic Tan sz. 14

4- BH Copper John sz. 10

4- BH Hares Ear sz. 12

4- BH Walt's Worm sz. 14

4- Patriot Provo River Sow Bug sz. 16

4- BH 20 Incher Stonefly sz. 10

4- Pat's Rubber Legs sz. 10

2- Patriot Chernobyl Ant w/ dropper loop(to use as an indicator or to fish with)

Plus- 4 BH Squirmy Wormy