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We've all experienced what might be the biggest racket in the fly tying world- You go into the fly shop to grab hooks and beads without paying much attention to the quantities in each package. When you get home you realize that you've just bought a bag of 25 hooks but only 20 beads. So this means that you'll have to go back to the fly shop and pay another 8 bucks for 20 more beads. Total investment? Well over $20 plus your time and gas. We too got tired of doing this, so we figured that we'd only sell quantities of hooks and beads to match. For a limited time we will be offering a package deal on boxes of 25 Patriot Perfection Jig Hooks(any size) and Patriot Tungsten Slotted Beads(any color/size) for only $10! take advantage of this deal while we're still offering free shipping! 

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  • Patriot Perfection Jig Hook Assortment Pack
    Patriot Perfection Jig Hook Assortment Pack
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