*SALE* Euro Nymphing/Jig Fly Kit 01(20 Flies)

*SALE* Euro Nymphing/Jig Fly Kit 01(20 Flies)

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We have decided to put together a few small, but extremely effective fly kits for you guys to try out. These include some new patterns that we're adding to our lineup as well as a few of our all-time favorites. This kit contains(20 flies total, 2 of each);

Quilldigon w/ chartreuse hotspot(18)

BH Guide Caddis(16)

Patriot's Sowbug(18)

Quilldigon w/ yellow hotspot(18)

Micro Rambo Jig(20)

Thread Frenchie w/ UV pink hotspot(18)

Thread Frenchie w/ green hotspot(16)

Peacock Frenchie(18)

Peacock Perdigon(16)

P2 Perdigon(16)

All flies are tied on our jig hooks and tungsten slotted beads. We only have two of these available at this price, so grab them now!