*SALE* Euro Nymphing/Jig Fly Kit 06(20 Flies)

*SALE* Euro Nymphing/Jig Fly Kit 06(20 Flies)

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This kit is includes more than a few of my top ten favorite nymphs. Contains(2 of each fly);

Original Frenchie(18)

Thread Frenchie w/ UV pink hotspot(16)

Thread Frenchie w/ green hotspot(16)

Tactical Pheasant Tail Jig(18)

Tungsten Surveyor(16)

Egan's Red Dart(16)

Flashback Scud(14)

Tailwater Sowbug(18)

Pheasant Tail Jig(16)

Thread Frenchie UV Black(16)- VERY hot fly right now!

All flies are tied on Patriot Jig Hooks and Tungsten Beads. 2 available at this price!