Streamer Kit(Photo Flies) SALE ITEM, ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!60

Streamer Kit(Photo Flies) SALE ITEM, ONLY 1 AVAILABLE!60

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When we take flies to photograph them, they often don't make it back into our inventory. Sometimes we will sell them as a kit and sometimes we will donate them. This kit contains an awesome selection of streamers for less than half of their value. Contains(22 streamers):

Butt Monkey(sz4) Olive

Butt Monkey(4) Tan

Butt Monkey(4) Sculpin Olive

Wooly Dungeon(4/4) Blk/Copper

Wooly Dungeon(4/4) Blk

3 Chubby Chasers(4/6) Olive, Black, Brown

Dirty Monkey(4) Brown

Twisted Peanut(6/8) Olive/Brown

2 Euro Sculpins Black, Olive

Brahma Bugger (6)

Fruit Punch Leech Jig (10)

Wooly Worm (6)

Problem Child Sculpin(6/8) Blk/Tan

2 Mini Twisted Sculping Gold Flash, Olive

Barely legal(4/4) Brown/Yellow

Boogie Man(4/4) Blk

Mini Mouse

Micro Mouse

We only have one of these kits, so if you want it, grab it now!