About Us

Hello and thank you for stopping by! We started Patriot Fly Fishing in 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT. I had been commercially tying flies for a few fly shops, specifically jig/competition-style flies, but the hooks and beads that I needed were either A. good quality, but too expensive for me to use commercially, or B. pure Chinese junk that I didn't want to attach my name to. I searched for months before I found a manufacturer that would produce hooks for me that were 100% to my standards and would make them exactly how I wanted. Once we started using them for our commercial flies, customers were returning to the shops and asking if we sold the hooks which led us to start Patriot Fly Fishing. We believe in supporting local companies and we like to use the same models for our business. Every single fly, with no exceptions, is tied by us in Utah. Sure we could get them from an overseas manufacturer and sell them for pennies and make a profit, but we believe in selling THE BEST product available. Here's a little secret, most flies, online and in shops, are tied in factories overseas and the "companies" that sell them under their name get them for about .05-.20/fly. They couldn't tell you what the bead is made out of, what materials were used, and worst of all, where the hook came from. If you're looking for the cheapest flies on the market, we're not what you need. If fishing is more than something you do to get out of the house, if you care about where your money goes, if you want products that actually catch fish and hold up, and if you like to deal with a company that appreciates your business, we're here for you. We make the best hooks and the heaviest/cleanest tungsten beads on the market and we'll put our products up against anything that's available.  

We also believe in helping out those who serve or have served our Country. If you're active or retired Military, Police, or Uniform Service personnel, we want to take care of you. Please email or call us for a discount code.

We do have guide discounts available too. Email or call us for the discount code.