About Us

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and checking us out! My name is Paul and I started Patriot Fly Fishing in 2017 in my hometown of Salt Lake City, UT. I am an avid fly fisherman and most of the time I'm out I am Euro Nymphing. A few years ago when Euro Nymphing really took off in the USA, the market for competition style flies and hooks was pretty slim. As it became more popular, more companies started selling jig hooks and barbless flies. This was good because it gave us more options, but it also saturated the market with a bunch of folks selling the same exact Chinese hooks(not all are junk, but many are) under different names and at vastly different prices. My problem with it was that I was tying commercially for some shops and had to either tie on junk hooks to keep my costs reasonable or charge 3 times as much to put them on a decent hook. I figured there had to be a better way! So after 4 months of searching, I found someone who was willing to make hooks to my standards and even make custom hooks for me as well. After almost a year of making and testing samples, I started tying my commercial flies on them and this had an unintended consequence- Customers were coming back to the shop and asking how they could buy the hooks to tie on as well! Fast-forward to now and you've got Patriot Fly Fishing. We named our Company "Patriot" because I believe in supporting Local/Domestic Companies that make products here in the USA. All of our hooks are designed here and I have 100% control over the manufacturing process and the final say on every aspect of the manufacturing process.  Literally every single hook that goes into a box has been inspected to make sure it's perfect. If you buy 100 hooks, you get 100 perfect hooks, period. I will put the quality of our hooks up against anything on the market and our prices absolutely crush the "big names". All of our flies are tied here in Salt Lake City using only the best materials(Whiting Hackle, Veevus Thread, Natures Spirit Hair, etc.) and are inspected to be perfect. Our Leaders are hand tied by me using only Maxima and Rio Products. Our future goal is to bring our hook manufacturing to the USA so we can constantly be innovating, testing, and producing new products. We are adding new products to our lineup all the time and guarantee that all of them will be top-notch. We are thankful for the support that we have received from the fly fishing community thus far and we hope to earn your trust and business. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or message us anytime and we will respond right away. If you are serving in uniform or armed forces or have served previously, please make sure to contact us for a discount code before purchasing anything. You've taken great care of us and we can never repay the debt that is publicly owed to you, but I would be honored to give you a discount on anything we sell. If you are a guide, please contact us for guide pricing on items as well.