Hot Flies!

September 17-October 1st-  streamer season has officially started and we have been doing great in the mornings and early afternoons using Marabou Muddlers(6 and 8) and the brown and olive Big Junks. We use a black and white Girdle Bug tied off the back and it picks up a few fish every time. We have been killing it with the SMP Midge Perdigon as well as the new Split Case Perdigon. 
September 15-23, 2019- The Middle Provo has been really good to us lately and it will only get better for another month or so. The Red Quill Perdigon(16 and 14) and our new Split Case Perdigon(16)  have been our best two flies. The Rock Worm Jig has been good in the afternoons as well, especially in slow pools. The Jig Bugger and our new Euro Leech were on fire for a few days in a row, especially when the clouds are out. Streamers are still great in the mornings and evenings. The Wooly Sculpin(2, 4) in olive and golden brown are our favorites, as well as the DH Zonker Sculpin. Buggers(2, 4, 6) in black and olive have been good when the fish aren't really chasing, just simply dead-drift them or tight line them. The Big Junk has been a good option in the middle of the day if you want to throw a streamer. We fish them in fast riffles and pick up fish at the tails of pools. Size 8 is about the only size we fish. 
September 10-13, 2019- We have been out on the Middle Provo a few days this week and the fishing is still exceptional. We threw streamers early in the morning and did great. The Jig Bugger and the Marabou Muddler, both in black, were our top producers. Jigging them slightly drove the big browns crazy.  Once about 11am hit we switched to Nymphing and had great results with a few new leech patterns(look for them in the site this weekend) and the Red Quill on the dropper. We’re already starting to see the October Caddis adults, so having a few Caddis dries with a tan wing and orange body would be a good idea. We saw plenty of fish rising, but we mainly concentrated on streamers and nymphs. Very soon we will be into full-blown Fall streamer season, so make sure you’re stocked up. You don’t need anything in particular to take advantage of this, your nymph rig with a floating line will work fine. We will do a blog post on streamer fishing on the Provo if you’re not familiar.  Brown and yellow streamers are our favorites on the Provo, but black and olive are always good to have too. 

September 2-8, 2019- We have been spending lots of time in the mountain streams lately and the fishing has been superb. Hoppers are out in full force and the hopper/dropper rig has been great. We use the size 8 Morrish Hopper and drop a smaller (12) Rubber Legs or Green Caddis off the back and it’s been great. We have already started throwing smaller streamers, specifically Muddler Minnows(6). I almost always use the cone head variation and jig it with great success. The original and the yellow and white Marabou Muddlers have been great on the Provo and the mountain streams. The best part Is that they will only get better! The Red Quill has continued to be our best nymph on the Provo and I suspect that it will stay on the Hot Fly list for a while longer.

August 25-28, 2019- The Middle Provo is still pretty low, but the fishing is great throughout the day. We have gotten out early while the sun is low and had great luck on our Provo River Sow Bug(14 and 16). Once the sun is up and it gets hot the Red Quill Perdigon is still crushing it(size 14 and 16, doesn't really matter) and it is catching fish ALL day. We have been out later in the afternoon/early evening to throw streamers and done great(streamer fishing will only get better for the next couple of months). The tan Wooly Sculpin, or what we refer to as the Dead Sculpin, has been awesome and the bigger fish won't leave it alone. If you don't have a sinking line, grab the cone head version, it works just as well. You don't need to animate it too much, just throw it across the current, let it sink a bit and give it some long, slow pulls(I usually pull about a foot of line at a time. Fast stripping doesn't seem to do much for the fish right now and fishing up and downstream is sporadic at best. Try the across or "quatering" method. 

August 23, 2019- I’m finally home! We got out on the Middle Provo today and it was one of my best days in a while. There were only two flies that were hot today, the Red Quill Perdigon (14) and the red Squirmy. The Red Quill has always done great for us this time of year and today solidified that(15-20 fish/ hour) in a HUGE way, not only with sheer numbers but also with quality fish. With the lower water and the Fall algae coming in a 16 probably would have been easier to keep clean, but the fish kept taking it, so I didn’t change anything! 

August 16, 2019- Hi everyone, I'm still out of town, but I'll be back next week and we will definitely be out on the water. I have gotten a few reports from our guide friends and we'll put up the info once we have something definitive to offer. I know the flows are super low right now, so if I were at home I'd be throwing small(16-18) perdigons with subtle(greens, light pinks) hotspots. If any of you would like to give us some insight we'd be happy to hear it. Have fun out there!

July 21-24, 2019- There were only 3 flies we needed for the Provo this week; The Two-Tone Stonefly, The Secret Weapon Rubber Legs, and our BH Caddis in the Caddis Green color, size 14. All three of these were absolutely on fire every day. We were fishing every rock in fast water that was at least a foot deep and yanking fish off of them left and right.  The trout are super fat and happy and they’re more active than we have seen all Summer so far. The key to catching lots of fish on nymphs is to get out super early(5am) and be done by noon.  If you still want to catch decent sized fish, break out the dries and target shady areas. The Green Drake Dries have been good for us in the day time, as well as the EHC’s occasionally.  The evenings have been a great time to throw ant patterns. We’ll be out tomorrow for a bit, then I leave for a few weeks(don’t worry my partner will be fulfilling orders while I’m gone) on a trip. I’ll definitely be putting up some pictures on Instagram of my trip so be sure to check it out!

July 18, 2019- We got out on the Middle Provo Early today and decided to try something new- fish all of the small tributary inlets and run-off stretches that the high water made over the last few weeks(the flows are down now, about 470cfs). To say it was good is a huge understatement! We were in the water at about 6am throwing the Purple Rubber Legs which produced a few fish. Once we started bush-whacking to get to the inlets and such the sun was coming up so we switched flies. I tried our new Secret Weapon Rubber Legs(it looks the same as the original, but once you see it up close you'll notice a distinct difference. We can't comment on it now because the product we're using hasn't officially been released, but we're selling a limited supply of the actual flies). This fly was absolutely on fire!!! We averaged 16 fish/hr. for the rest of the time we fished it(12pm) with this fly on point. The SMP Midge(16, cream) caught it's fair share of fish, but the best dropper fly was by far the Gold Digger Perdigon. We had our first "real" Summer day of Provo Fishing(Well over 50 fish, to be honest we stopped counting around 50). Before we left we decided to throw a few dries because ants were all over the bushes/banks and the Green Drakes started to hatch. We picked up quite a few(nothing big, but a few nice ones) on the Chernobly Ant(12, Brown), the Bionic Ant(12), and the size 14 Parachute Adams(both cream and the BWO Color were good). We will be tying up some Green Drake Dries to sell, so look for them this weekend!

July 5-15, 2019- Once again we've been neglecting the Hot Flies list, but not because we're lazy. Simply put, we have been insanely busy! We have managed to sneak out a few times in the last week though and the fishing has been exceptional. Our mountain streams are in the perfect dry fly trend right now(for another week or so, then it will fall off a bit). We have been killing it on Golden/Orange Stimulators in size 10 and 12. We have been dropping a small Hotspot Jig Nymph off the back and picking up fish too. The Lower Provo is fishing great, especially in the evenings. The Neapolitan Perdigon(14) has worked extremely well when the fish won't take much else. Small Bionic Ants and Chernobyl Ants with a dropper(any small nymph will work) are doing well from 4pm-8pm. Once again on the Middle, the Rubber Legs has been crushing it. So much so that I embarrassingly ran out of them the other day in the middle of a 25 fish hot stretch(be sure to have extras of everything, the debris from the high water is bad). No big deal though, the 20 Incher did almost as well- plus another unnamed fly that we will be releasing shortly. Think the two aforementioned flies put together, not a new concept, but extremely effective. . For dropper flies, again, the Provo Pellet is king. I believe that it has to do with the colors it puts off in the water. Once we get caught up on orders we will be back out and we'll let you know how it's going!


July 1-5, 2019- The flows are starting to come down on the Provo and the fishing is seriously heating up! We were out on the Lower on the 1st and 2nd, both days were stellar. We had our best luck in the early afternoon(believe it or not) fishing fast pocket water. We have a new fly on the Hot Flies list, the Neapolitan Perdigon! We have known this fly was great, so much so that we put our name on it, but it completely surpassed all expectations these two days(it alone caught 44 fish in 2 afternoons). When the sun was going down in the canyon we decided to throw streamers and the Golden Brown Wooly Sculpin crushed it! We were out on the Middle Provo today and again, early afternoon was amazing. We caught a few fish here and there on a bunch of flies, but the two champions were the Provo Pellet(19 fish in 2.5 hours, 2 right at 20", see the blog pics) and the Red Squirmy(the biggest fish of the day plus many more). We were having the best luck fishing the grass line on the banks and around rocks in faster, deeper water. The size 12 Pellet is heavy enough to use as a point fly in the fastest of water and we recommend trying it. The Rubber Legs Stonefly was good earlier in the day, but it completely shut off around noon. The flows are ideal on the Middle right now and they'll be holding here for another week or so, get out and try it!

June 20-30- Hi guys, we have been out a few times in the last 7-10 days and the only big change to report is that the flows are hovering super high. We broke a record last week on the Middle Provo(since the dams have been built) with flows over 1700cfs! I know some folks will say that it's not worth fishing when it's like this, but we have other opinions. Yes, it can certainly be sporadic, but with a few pointers(check out our blog) you can make the most of it. We got out on the Lower Provo early Sunday morning to throw some streamers in the rain and it was an absolute blast! We had our best like on our White DH Zonker Sculpin and the Golden Brown Wooly Sculpin. Making longer casts upstream and letting the current bring it back while picking up slack got some heart-pounding reactions from the fish. None were monsters, but a few were over 18". At about 10am we put up the streamer rods and broke out the Euro Nymphing rigs and decided to go fish the pocket water above Nunn's Park. We found plenty of (large) Rainbows and Browns that were eager to take our flies. We caught 95% of our fish on a sz. 14 Provo Pellet(on the dropper) and a sz. 12 Green Hotspot Jig Nymph(point). When I needed more weight I put the Two-Tone Stonefly on the point and it did well in slower, deeper pools. Earlier in the week we got out on the Middle and did great with the Two-Tone Stone and the red Squirmy Wormy. When the wind was up we fished the Euro Streamer and caught a few nice fish. One of our students caught his largest trout ever(21", plus 4 more fish) dragging the Sleeper Leech down the bank! We have been fishing a bunch of the slow and deep runs along the highway stretch of the Lower using dry/dropper rigs with good results. Try using something like a sz.16 Parachute Adams, tie off 2ft of tippet from the hook bend and throw on a plain old Pheasant Tail(sz. 18) or a Barr's BWO Emerger(sz. 18-20). We had one 1.5 hour stretch where I caught 16 fish just doing this and it's a really easy and fun way to fish!

June 12-19, 2019- I know we've been slacking for the last week or so on updating the list, but we've been out teaching and fishing quite a bit. As well as the Middle Provo, we have been fishing a bunch of mountain streams lately and it's been great! When the water is up on small rivers/streams, the big fish really come out and it's worth the effort to fish them. Mountain Streams- We have fished 3 of our local mountain streams and they all are fishing about the same(it's been tremendous). We have had our best luck on Big flies and Junk Flies. The Olive Czech Nymph(size 8) has been our best fly(30+ fish a day, see the monster I caught on our Instagram page) with the Rubber Legs Stonefly and the Two-Tone Stonefly close behind. We got caught out before a storm last week and as soon as the sun went behind the clouds we started to throw even bigger stuff. The Double Bugger and the Size 4 Wooly Bugger in black and olive absolutely crushed it. We had one 2 hour stretch where we caught numerous fish over 17" on both of these flies. Provo River- The Middle is still raging at about 900cfs which has pushed the big fish all over the banks. We have also had great luck fishing the shallow/faster water later in the day. The Two-Tone Stonefly has been the king for us(size 10) on point and the Provo Pellet(size 12 and 14) has been great on the dropper. The green Thread Frenchie(size 14) and the Frenchie Perdigon(14) have both been very consistent all day long when we've been out. We did have one day last week when there were no clouds in the sky and the Gold Digger Perdigon was all we could get them to take in the afternoon. We will be back out as soon as the wind dies and we'll let you know how it goes!


June 11, 2019- We decided to hit up the Middle Provo River yesterday and had a pretty good day. We have been experimenting with a new Stonefly pattern that was definitely the hot fly of the day. We put a few pictures on instagram showing the fly at work. We also caught quite a few fish on the BWO Perdigon later in the afternoon. Something that worked well for us was to let the fly swing into the bank at the end of the drift. If you try this technique, be sure to let the fish run with the fly for a few seconds before setting the hook, that way you won’t just rip the fly from the fishes mouth. The flows are still holding steady, but according to the generation schedule they will be fluctuating the amount of water throughout the next few days so the fishing might fall off a bit. If you’re going out, look for fish on rocks and in slower seams. Good luck!


June 5, 2019- It was a beautiful day out on the Middle Provo! The flows are still way up, but the fish have settled into it and are feeding voraciously again. We started catching fish early using a size 10 20 Incher Stonefly and it was on fire until about noon. Once the sun was up the fish started getting a little shy, so we switched to smaller flies on the point and the dropper. The BWO Perdigon took multiple fish out of every good hole(pics will be on Instagram) and it stayed hot until we left. In total we caught 31 fish, 11 on the 20 incher, 20 on the BWO  Perdigon. We tried other similar flies to see if it was just a color thing, but nothing else seemed to work. We have some other new Perdigons that we’ll be trying in the next few weeks  

May 30- June 3, 2019- (MIddle Provo)We found fish to be holding up in the grass and in the transitions/seams when the river widens out. They seemed completely put off by most big, gaudy junk flies right now. Most of our fish came on the Gold Digger Perdigon(14) and the size 12 20 Incher Stonefly. We had a few take the Green Quill Perdigon, but probably not enough to call it a "hot fly". I am not one to get hung up on bead/wire color on a fly and I don't really think it makes a big difference 99% of the time, but we tried both the gold and the copper 20 Incher, they wanted the copper for sure. We are going to play around with bead colors on our popular flies to see if it makes any difference. (Lower Provo) The traffic is pretty slow on the Lower right now with the high flows which gave us more access to good water. We had a fantastic day using only the Sleeper Leech(Olive) and the Provo Pellet(sz. 16), so much so that we never felt the need to fish anything different. The wind came up in the afternoon gusting over 20mph, but not wanting to leave yet I decided to suspend my flies under an indicator (about 10" above the dropper fly) and it was very effective. In slower water you could see the fish ambushing the Pellet which made it even more exciting. We will be back out on the Middle this week and we'll have a new report. 


May 29, 2019- The flows are between 450-800cfs on the Middle Provo and they are pulling water throughout the day. This not only makes the fishing tough, but dangerous. We had great luck beating the banks with the black Sleeper Leech and Jig Bugger. Both large and small fish were taking them. We did pretty well in the afternoon with a size 12 BH Caddis. We tried a few other "junk flies", but they didn't move more than a few fish. The wind came up later in the day, so I put on a yarn indicator and fished some of the slower water and dead-drifted the Sleeper Leech, which picked up a few more. We are going to lay off of the Middle for a few days until the flows even out. 

May 20-27, 2019- With such crazy weather in the last few weeks, the fishing has been consistently inconsistent. One thing we have noticed is that the fish are moving towards faster water and holding there, which means that we have been fishing nymphs with bigger beads(more weight) to get down. We have had our best days on big, dark junk flies. The black Wooly Bugger Jig in a size 10 has caught most of our fish, but we are about to release another new fly that has given the Jig Bugger a run for it's money(check our blog soon). Most smaller nymphs have been hit-and-miss for us, but the Provo Pellet(sz. 14) has been pretty great later in the afternoons, regardless of the weather. We went out last Thursday and I decided to throw a black squirmy that put more than a few fish in the net and one so big that I never had a chance. Our Parachute Adams in the BWO color has been good in the early afternoons when the fish are rising, but they have wanted a very good presentation to even think about hitting. 


May 15-19, 2019- The flows are way up on the Provo right now and all of this rain is only adding to it. This means that bugs that are usually safe from being fish food are being pushed into the currents and providing our Winter-starved trout with tons of calories. It has been a great time to fish "junk flies" over the last week, that is if you're willing to get out in the nasty weather. We have been killing it on black and purple Squirmy Wormies, chartreuse Mops, and size 10 black 20 Incher Stones. If you're fishing Mops or the Squirmy, try jigging it through some of the faster pocket water, it has been a deadly tactic for us. The Provo Pellet has been our best dropper fly and when the sun has peeked out we have been fishing the larger(size 14) on the point. We did go out early(before 10am) 2 days last week to chuck some streamers and the fish are definitely chasing. The Baby Whitefish and the yellow Twisted Dungeon were our two best producers with our Zonker Sculpin close behind. If you don't have a sinking line or you don't want to carry two rods/reels, the Zonker Sculpin has plenty of weight on it so don't hesitate to loop in onto a 3ft piece of 12lb mono and give it a try.


May 9-14, 2019- The Mother's Day Caddis finally is coming off and we have been taking advantage of it. When the fish are rising(later in the afternoon), we have been doing great on a size 16 Corn Fed Caddis and the Olive Elk Hair Caddis. We have been trailing a size 16 tan BH Caddis behind it on a 12" dropper. Make sure to grease your tippet to the dry and about half of the dropper tippet. When the fish are rising sporadically, the X Caddis has been good with the tan BH behind it. When the caddis aren't hatching, specifically before noon, we have been doing great on the 20 Incher Stonefly with the sz. 14 tan BH caddis on the dropper. We have tried the cream, olive, and grey BH caddis, but the fish seem to only respond to the tan right now. The 20 Incher has been responsible for some really big fish in the AM and they are not just sampling it, they are crushing it, so make sure to mash those barbs(or use barbless hooks). It's a terrible feeling to kill an old fish for no other reason than the barb of a hook. The water is coming up on the Provo and I have seen more than a few people get tackled by the current. Carry a wading staff or only cross where you know you can. Be safe out there!

May 2-8, 2019- We have had some great weather in the last week to do some Euro Nymphing and we have been out 4 days. The water is up and slightly colored on the Middle Provo, so we are finding fish on the banks and the edges of faster runs. In the mornings(before 11am) the Rubber Legs Stonefly has been our #1 fly. We are fishing it in the size 10 with a 5/32" bead to get it down. Fish have been chasing it into the faster water and inhaling it(be sure to mash the barbs). Once the sun is up, we have had our best luck on the Provo Pellet and the Hotspot Jig(Thread Frenchie) with the green hotspot. We went out on Monday and the wind came up pretty quick, so we had to use a bigger point fly. We opted for the Flashback 20 Incher Jig and it basically turned a good day into a great day pretty fast. It caught 7 fish for me in the last hour we were there, almost all of which were over 17". My father was with me and he tied one on and caught 5 fish in the last hour or so and again, they were all great fish. Something we have noticed after screening the water, there are tons of leeches and huge stoneflies in the water and all of the bigger fish are stuffing themselves on them, including big Whitefish. I have never caught a Whitey on such big flies, but the last 2 times we have been out we have caught several of them over 20" on the Rubber Legs and even 1 on a Slump Buster. I have only used streamers one day in the last week and pretty much everything that was slim and dark in color(olive, dark olive, brown) landed fish. I was throwing a size 2 Olive Wooly Bugger and a size 10 Jig Bugger because they were all I had in the box I brought and they did extremely well. Even a few smaller fish took it, so please remember to mash those barbs. We will be out again in the next few days and I'll keep everyone posted!


May 1, 2019We took some friends out on the Middle Provo today, but with the recent crazy weather we weren't expecting much. My buddy is all about indicator nymphing and with the moderate wind today it was actually a good idea. I started the day with a size 8 Slump Buster with a size 14 Rainbow Warrior on the dropper tag and as soon as it got warm, fish started taking the Slump Buster. The Olive color seemed to be the ticket today. The Rainbow Warrior caught more than a few fish for me and my buddy, but I lost the last one I had with me and switched to the Provo Pellet. The Pellet, like always caught 9 fish in the last part of the day, all were of a decent size. The Slump Buster was definitely the most fun to fish because the fish seemed to be in a chasing mood for a while and they were inhaling it with bad intentions. We were out on the Lower Provo last week and I caught my biggest Brown ever on the Lower with our DH Zonker Sculpin. This has been an experimental fly for me for a couple of months and I can honestly say that I am a believer, so much so that I'm willing to sell them with my reputation attached. Big and small fish have been hitting this fly and it's been super fun. We are heading out tomorrow to do some Euro Nymphing, so I'll let you know how it goes. 

April 27, 2019- We have been on the Lower Provo a lot lately and have had great luck with streamers early in the morning. With the cloudy/rainy days we had this week darker colors seemed to do really well. We have been throwing a size 4 Twisted Dungeon(see our streamer page) in olive and the baby whitefish colors, both of which have killed it. The bigger, aggressive Browns have been chasing them when we fish up and across and have even had a few hit it while fishing downstream. We have been using a slow-strip retrieve with a little jigging. Something that I personally have been doing a lot when fish aren't rising is using one of our super heavy olive Wooly Buggers(sizes 6 and 8) as a point fly on my Euro Rig with success. As  far as nymphs go, we haven't really thrown anything except our Provo Pellet in size 16. The reason for this is because it has simply out-fished EVERYTHING for an unknown reason. I can tie on something similar, but it won't work near as well. I am not a betting man, but in terms of sheer numbers, I would put money on this fly over anything in anyone else's fly box. Since BWO's are coming off in force right now, we have been throwing our BWO Parachute Adams in a size 18 with a smaller emerger pattern behind it  with great success. We will be back out on the water tomorrow and I'll let you know if anything changes. 

April 14, 2019- We have been having the best luck on the Rubber Legs Stonefly in size 10 w/ a 1/8" bead as our point fly. The Quill Jig w/ the green hotspot has been our best dropper fly. It's that time of year that the fish are trying to pack in the calories that they have lost over the Winter, so big flies(known as "junk" flies in the competition world) that get their attention have been working. The Black 20 Incher Stonefly has done well on cloudy days too, but so far the Rubber Legs is king right now. The cream colored Mop was great on sunny days, but when the sun was behind the clouds the fish were completely turned off by it. When the wind has been calm we have had a chance to throw Dry Flies. A big(size 14, 16) Griffiths Gnat has done well for us when the fish were taking midges and I actually took my biggest Middle Provo Brown Trout(the biggest on a dry fly, not my biggest ever) last week on the 14 Griffiths Gnat. We caught a bunch of small and mid-sized fish on the BWO Parachute Adams(size 16) too. We are heading out tomorrow and will keep you updated on our hot flies!