Complete Trout Fly Kit(206 Flies)
Complete Trout Fly Kit(206 Flies)
Complete Trout Fly Kit(206 Flies)

Complete Trout Fly Kit(206 Flies)

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Simply put, there is no more comprehensive fly kit on the market than our Complete Trout Fly Kit. This kit literally has everything(dry flies, nymphs, emergers, streamers) you need to go to any body of water that holds trout and catch them. Kit comes with(2 of each fly): Patriot Waterproof Double-Sided Fly Box, 20 Incher Stonefly sz.10, Rubber Legs Stonefly sz.10, Prince Nymph sz.10, 12, 14, Hare's Ear sz.10,12,14,Black Stone H/E sz.16, Guides Choice Hare's Ear sz.12,14, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail sz.14, Golden Stone sz.12, Olive Hare's Ear sz.10,12, Flashback Pheasant Tail sz.14, Utah Killer Bug sz.14, Original Killer Bug sz.8(original, tan, and light olive) Wire Worm sz.8, Rainbow Warrior sz.12,14,16,18, San Juan Worm sz.12, Patriot Czech Nymph Cream sz.10, Patriot Czech Nymph sz.12, Tailwater Sow Bug sz.16, Rainbow Sow Bug sz.16, Provo Sow Bug sz.14,16, Hot Head Sow Bug sz.16, Hot Head Pheasant Tail sz.16, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail sz.16, Patriot BH Caddis sz.12,14,16, Ice Dub Caddis sz.16,18, RD Caddis sz.12, Cased Caddis sz.16, Egan's GTI Caddis sz.12, Holy Grail Caddis Black sz.16, Egan's Red Dart sz.16, Metallic Red Pheasant Tail sz.16, P/T Baetis sz.16, Flashback Baetis sz.18, Biot Midge sz.18, Higa's SOS sz.18, Deep Dish Green Drake sz.16, Micro Gold Stone sz.16, Micro Black Stone sz.16, Radiation Baetis sz.16, Wire JuJu Baetis blk/gold sz.18, Cream Tube Baetis sz.18, Snow Cone Midge sz.18, Red Quill Perdigon sz.16, Stripper Midge sz.16, Copper Stripper Midge sz.16, SMP Midge cream sz.18, SMP Midge Wood Duck sz.18, Thread Frenchie(Shrimp Pink) sz.14, 16, Thread Frenchie(green) sz.14, Barr's BH BWO Emerger sz.16, Flashback Wire Baetis(green/blk) sz.16, Flashback Wire Baetis(blk/gold) sz.16, Egan's Iron Lotus sz.18, Micro Rambo(tobacco) sz.18, Micro Rambo(gold) sz.18, BH WD-40 sz.18, WD-40 sz.18, Zebra Midge(red) sz.16, 20, Disco Midge sz.18, Zebra Midge(black) sz.18,20, Mercury Midge sz.20, JuJu Bee Midge(olive) sz.18, Wooly Bugger(ginger, black, and cream) sz.8, CH Muddler sz.8, CH Marabou Muddler(black and yellow) sz.8, Euro Leech(black) sz.10, Mayer's Micro Leech(olive and black) sz.12, GFA Hopper sz.8, Chernobyl Ant sz.10, Stimulator Yellow Sally sz.10, Parachute Adams(purple) sz.14, Parachute Adams(grey and BWO) sz.20, Snowshoe Emerger(BWO) sz.18, Sparkle dun(Adams grey and BWO) sz.16, Griffith's Gnat sz.18, Jacklin's Green Drake sz.12, Egan's Corn Fed Caddis(olive) sz.14, Elk Hair Caddis(tan) sz.16, X-Caddis(olive) sz.18

If you're not sure what flies you need, everything in this box will work anywhere there's trout. If you don't know how to rig/fish these flies, we ship all of our fly kits with one of our Nymphing Cheat Sheets free. There's well over $500 worth of flies in here, and for this price, it would make a great gift. We encourage you to look around and try to find a better deal than this kit(but keep in mind we only have 4 of these). All flies are tied using Patriot Hooks, tungsten beads, and the best materials, right here in Utah.