Euro Nymphing Fall/Winter Fly Kit
Euro Nymphing Fall/Winter Fly Kit
Euro Nymphing Fall/Winter Fly Kit

Euro Nymphing Fall/Winter Fly Kit

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One of the best things you(or any angler) can do is keep a fishing log. Certain flies are more effective during specific months, so keeping a record will always give you an advantage in the following years. This is exactly what we have done for a long time now and it has helped us make the best Fly Kits available! Our new EN Fall/Winter Fly Kit contains all of our top producers and no filler flies to take up space in the box. You can fish all of these flies in any manor and they'll all catch fish like crazy. This kit has 56 flies total(4 of each) and comes with:

- Patriot's Rock Worm Jig sz16

- Rowley's Black Jack sz16(best Winter fly for us, especially when it's snowing)

- Egan's Red Dart Jig sz18

- Hot  Spot Jig(Thread Frenchie) w/ green hotspot sz16

- Patriot's Red Quill Perdigon Jig sz16

- Frenchie Perdigon Jig sz16

- Patriot's Olive Baetis Jig sz18

- Patriot's Walt's El Dorado Jig sz16

- Egan's Tungsten Surveyor Jig sz16

- Patriot's SMP Midge Perdigon Jig, Cream sz18

- Patriot's SMP MidgePerdigon Jig, Black sz18

- Squirmy Wormy Jig, Red

- Euro Leech Jig, Olive sz14

- Euro Leech Jig, Black sz14

- (1) Patriot Waterproof Silicone Fly Box

- NEW Patriot's EZ Euro Leader w/ tippet ring(best leader made, especially if you're new to EN)

- EN Cheat Sheet