Galloups Dungeon Streamer Kit

Galloups Dungeon Streamer Kit

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One of the best things about fly fishing "for a living" is that I get to fish all over the Country. This has helped me narrow down my fly selection that I have confidence in, regardless of where I go, and there is one "bigger" streamer I always carry- Kelly Galoup's Sex Dungeon. I have caught fish on the Dungeon in streams that were small enough to jump over, all the way up to lakes that are so large they have waves and tides. We were never big fans of the commercially available Dungeons because they weren't quite like the originals and many didn't swim right, so after getting Kelly's blessing, we started selling what we refer to as the "Twisted Dungeon". This fly is more like the original with its shape and the profile in the water is more like a baitfish. We have put together a kit containing 7 of our best colors(2 of each) and put them in our new Large Waterproof Floating Fly Box. All are size 4(4 on the front, 4 on the rear). This kit contains:

2- Autumn(yellow and rust brown)

2- Baby Brown Trout

2- Baby Whitefish

2- UV Tan

2- Crayfish Orange

2- Black on black

2- Natural

- The first 3 people to buy them will receive 4 extra streamers in our favorite colors! All of these flies are tied by us, in Utah. They  are light-years better than any other commercially-available Dungeon.