Baby Whitefish
Galloup's Twisted Dungeon Streamer

Galloup's Twisted Dungeon Streamer

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Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon has been one of my most favorite and best producing larger streamers for a long time now. I used to purchase them through 2 of the larger commercial fly companies until about a year ago when I couldn't seem to find any that were tied like Kelly's original was and worse yet, most of them didn't "swim" properly. I have always been a fan of the complex twist style streamers and after playing around with it for a while, I incorporated it into The Dungeon. This fly not only swims and moves MUCH better than the commercially available ones, but it fishes better and has an extremely real profile when it's wet. When I was asked to tie some of these for a shop who buys from me, I told them I would only do it if Kelly gave me his blessing and let me keep his name attached to it. He gracefully obliged and here we are! These are tied on our Patriot 3x Streamer Hooks. Available in sizes 2-6. The baby Whitefish color is my best producing pattern on the Middle and Lower Provo River, but the olive and black are a close second. The yellow color has been my best on the Green River and also accounted for my best day down there. We fish the size 4 almost exclusively on mid-sized tailwaters such as the Provo.