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The single most visited page on our website is the Hot Flies Page, which means that you all are trying to figure out what flies are working day-in and day-out. We are proud to introduce our Summer 2019 Hot Fly Kit! This kit will give you the exact flies, both for the point and dropper, that are killing it for us on a daily basis. We have become so confident in this selection that it is all that we have in our main fly box every day right now. No more guessing, no more 5 fish days, pick up this kit and start slaying those picky tail water trout! We’ll include our new 13 page Euro Nymphing Cheat Sheet and one of our Euro Nymphing Leaders. This kit includes (6 of each fly)

- size 10 20 Incher Stonefly 

- size 10 Rubber Legs Stonefly

- size 14 Provo Pellet Perdigon 

- size 14 Thread Frenchie, chartreuse hotspot

- size 14 Neapolitan Perdigon 

- size 12 Red Squirmy Wormy

All flies are tied using our Patriot Perfection Jig Hooks and Patriot Tungsten Slotted Beads, except the Stoneflies which are tied on DaiIchi 1730 Hooks and Patriot Tungsten Non-Slotted Beads.