Patriot Perdigon Fly Kit (Small)

Patriot Perdigon Fly Kit (Small)

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Spring and Summer are Perdigon season for us. We fish them about 95% of the time during the warmer months because the fish are highly pressured and spooky, so small flies that sink quick are a must. We put this kit together using all of the Perdigons we personally use and have tremendous success on. All are tied on our Patriot Perfection Jig Hooks using Patriot Tungsten Slotted Beads. Choose from sizes 14, 16, 18. This kit contains:

(24 flies total, 2 of each)

- Grave Digger Perdigon 

- Gold Digger Perdigon

- Neapolitan Perdigon

- CW Perdigon

- P2 Perdigon

- Frenchie Perdigon

- Provo Pellet Perdigon

- BWO Perdigon

- SMP Midge Perdigon, Black

- SMP Midge Perdigon, Cream

- Red Quill Perdigon

- Green Quill Perdigon

Since this kit is a special offer, they do not include a fly box.