Patriot Streamer/Leech Kit

Patriot Streamer/Leech Kit

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It's no secret that big fish take big flies, which means that you should always have some with you. And with the Winter run-off in full swing, you'd be crazy to not be hitting every rock, log, and bank with a big bug. Our new streamer/leech kit was put together using 8 of our most productive patterns on the Provo River, but all of these flies will take fish anywhere! You can dead drift them, swing them, strip them, or jig them, all will work great. Every fly in this kit is tied using tungsten beads or cones to make sure they get down quick. Available in sizes 4, 6, 8. We use size 4 and 6 flies exclusively. This kit contains(32 flies): 

4- Rubber Legs Wooly Bugger, Autumn 

4- Wooly Bugger, Ginger

4- Wooly Bugger, Black 

4- Wooly Bugger, Olive

4- Wooly Bugger, White/Pearl

4- Euro Leech, UV Black

4- Simi-Seal Leech, Canadian Black

4- Slumpbuster, Olive

All of our Wooly Buggers are tied using Whiting American Hackle.