Patriot's Micro Perdigon Kit
Patriot's Micro Perdigon Kit

Patriot's Micro Perdigon Kit

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While fishing a river in the Eastern US last year, my friend/guide tried to encourage me to fish smaller nymphs. This particular river has a very non-descript bottom, with long stretches being mostly sand, which means that the aquatic insect life is minimal. I was picking up a few fish here and there on my size 14-16 nymphs, but he was racking them up by the minute. That night I decided to sit down and tie up some of my favorite Perdigon patterns in micro sizes, and the next day was completely different. We ended up in triple-digit numbers that day, and ever since I have always carried a few of these micro Perdigons with me. Whether it's the dog-days of Summer when the fish are stuck to the bottom, a heavily pressured fishery where big flies don't fool much, or the middle of February when a trout's diet is limited and their metabolism is at a crawl, our new Micro Perdigon Fly Kit will be a trip saver for sure!

These flies are tied on our Ultimate Perdigon Hook(wide gap, short shank) in size 20. The SMP Midge Perdigon in the picture is a size 18 for reference. Comes with 18 flies total, 2 of each pattern;

- SMP Midge Perdigon black

- SMP Midge Perdigon cream

- Thread Frenchie w/ green hotspot

- Body Quill Perdigon copper/black

- Neapolitan Perdigon

- Body Quill Perdigon orange/olive

- Gold Digger Perdigon

- Split Case Perdigon

- BWO Perdigon

We will sell these flies individually in the future, but for now they're only available in this kit.