*SALE* Complete Trout Starter Fly Kit(70 Flies)

*SALE* Complete Trout Starter Fly Kit(70 Flies)

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We are asked all the time, "Are you going to keep making the Starter Fly Kits that you had last year?", and if you are one of those folks who asked us this, or if you're looking for a complete and simple set of flies that has everything you need and nothing you don't to catch fish anywhere, here it is! These kits were put together using some of our old stand-by flies that we always have when we travel, and they cover all of the basic food-sources for trout. This kit contains(70 flies total, 2 of each fly);

Split-Case emerger(16)

BH WD-40(18)

Thread Frenchie(16)

BH Micro Rambo Baetis(18)

BH Shellback Baetis(18)

BH Prince Nymph(12)

Cream Tube Caddis(16)

BH Micro Pheasant Tail(18)

BH Sexy Walt's Worm(16)

BH Tailwater Sowbug(16)

BH Olive Hare's Ear(12)

Rainbow Warrior(14)

Deep Dish Green Drake Nymph(14)

BH Ice Caddis Olive(16)

BH Flashback Hare's Ear(16)

BH Bloodworm(14)

Jujube Midge Green/Blk(18)

Jujube Midge Grey/Blk(18)

Hotwire Jujube Midge Gold/Blk(18)

3 Dollar Serendipity Midge Black(16)

Zebra Midge Olive(18)

Zebra Midge Black(18)

Tube Midge(18)

Black Beauty Midge(20)

Mercury Midge(20)


Royal Wulff(10)

Stimulator, Golden Stone(10)

Parachute Adams(14)

Parachute Adams(16)

Elk Hair Caddis Olive(16)

Sparkle Dun(18)

BWO Sparkle Dun(20)

Bunny Dun(22)

BWO RS2(22)

All BH flies are tied using tungsten beads and every single fly  we sell is tied by us in Utah(and as anyone who has seen our flies, they are THE BEST tied flies using only the best materials), so at less than $1 per fly this is an insane deal! We only have 2 of these kits available right now. Due to them being a sale item, they do not come with a fly box